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May 7, 2006

How to fold a fitted sheet

Filed under: Linens and laundry — by Katie @ 12:05 pm

When you start doing your own laundry, there are a thousand little lessons to learn. The hardest, almost inarguably, is how to fold a fitted sheet.

If you google “how to fold a fitted sheet”, it’s obvious that people all over the world desperately want to educate you on this matter.

Martha Stewart (unsurprisingly) has detailed instructions. Target’s instructions are slightly easier to follow. A Flickr user published her own set of instructions as a photoset.

And then came Google Video with the obvious solution. Fitted Sheet Folding: The Movie.

Hopefully now that you know how to fold that stupid sheet, you have a sense of satisfaction. If not, it’s okay. Perfect folding technique wasn’t really my point.

My point is that you should wash your sheets. Regularly. Once a month is not enough.

And once you wash them, you’ll have to fold them, which is no problem. Now go wash your sheets.

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